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How we work is SpeakOnline's voiceover talent database. We have a vast amount of experience in supplying most genres of voiceover work, and we take the time to give you the best possible results for your project.

Start by choosing the voices you think are most suited to your project. Then send us your manuscript, and we will return your enquiry with a price. Once the price is agreed, the process is ready to start. If your manuscript contains difficult words or product names etc. you will need to call our pronunciation service and record the”special” words. Thereby we ensure an optimal end result.

It is very important that your manuscript works really well. If you have finished audio time requirements with which the voice actor must comply, the script may need to be edited to adjust the length to suit. Although our voice talents are professionals, no chain is stronger than its weakest link. A good script gives the best results. Should you require the material in different languages, we can also help with translation.

When we come to the recording, we either bring the voice talent into our own studio or we use the external studio of one of our many partners around the world. We take great pride in the quality of the voiceover you receive – it must be good every time. In some projects, during the recording session, the customer wants to listen-in on the sidelines. In such cases we typically manage the session via Skype. When the recording is done, we trim the recording, "polish” it and master it so that the sound is top notch.

Generally, we are able to deliver the recordings to the Client within 24 hours (on working days), and in most audio file formats. The most common formats are mp3, wav, and aiff. We can also help you with the final production, such as the addition of music or sound fx. We can even help you by dubbing the audio in a film.

Changes to a voice over
If you find an error in the recording - no worries! We'll correct it free of charge if it's our fault! If you want to make changes to the original script, this will incur an additional fee.
Q: Now I have paid for the recording - can I use it everywhere?
A: No! Rights to the voiceover accrue entirely to us and to the individual voice actors, unless you have paid for a buyout. If a recording is bought for usage in a broadcast, your right is a standard one year of usage from the first date of broadcast, and only in the originally selected media. If the voice recording is intended for non-broadcast, it can, in principle, be used indefinitely, but still only for the originally selected media. Of course you can choose a complete buyout of a voiceover. Then you can use it everywhere - and always.

When we calculate a price, there are many influential factors and so each project is priced individually:
• How will, and for what purpose will the voice over be used?
• How long (in minutes) or how long (word count ) is the script?
• For what period of time will you wish to use the recording?
• Will it need to be recorded using the client’s section timing guidelines??
• Are there many complex words (eg. medical / technical text / foreign language words) in the manuscript?
• How quickly do you need the finished recording?
• And finally, which voice talent would you like to record the project?